About Us

Music Is Music

You're as likely to hear delimusic in the charts as you are in the background of TV shows and commercials.

The good news is that all our music is:

Pre-cleared - For all media - Instantly available - Worldwide - In-perpetuity - With ONE affordable license.

Want to use commercial tracks but don't have the licence?

Or don't have the budget to sync the latest hits you hear on the radio?

Delimusic is a fresh, creative company providing sync solutions for music users through records, publishing, studios and technology.

We believe that music is music, so, all our catalogue, be it the hottest radio hit or a background underscore is pre-cleared and immediately available through our site with a single license in perpetuity.

We believe we save you time and money!

You want music that stands out?

Our music is both wonderful to listen to and designed to accompany any story perfectly.

Choose from thousands of original tracks composed and produced with passion and purpose.

We are music lovers. Our passion comes from years of playing, recording and producing the finest music and working with the best clients.

Want playlists, like your favourite streaming services provide?

We understand how people consume music today so we too provide expertly curated playlists designed to fit various production styles and mood, making finding your perfect sync simple and cost effective.

Our creative hub in west London has music studios, writing rooms, photography and film suites all situated in the coolest building.

Delimusic’s sought after studios have a collection of the finest, and in some cases rarest instruments and technology which we use lovingly every day.

Musicians love us too!

Our label signs and releases music from international writers and artists, many of which are recorded and produced in our creative studio hub in London.

We help build success for these commercial artists and composers through placements of music in entertainment and advertising.

Our exclusive catalogue contains thousands of tracks from Hit writers, Oscar winners and TV composers who have worked with the likes of Niteshifters, Skelhorn, Annabel Bennett, Flying Fish, Ed Harcourt, James Blunt, Example, Bryan Ferry, Estelle, Robbie Williams, Goldie, Loadstar, Artificial Intelligence, Marcella Detroit and Fiona Bevan.